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The following list includes our current in-house equipment, which encompasses the entire spectrum of forms printing. We offer full design and creative services, various printing techniques (including highly technical document and cheque security printing), a wide range of finishing equipment, as well as computer interfacing to ensure that each job receives the speedy attention and accuracy that our customers demand. We are constantly changing and upgrading our equipment and services to deliver superior product to the industry.


CTP — Presstek Dimension 400 (Chemical Free CTP System)
Graphic Design Software (Mac & PC Platforms)
Linotronics 530 Laser Imagesetter
Colour Laser proofing (up to 11"x17")
Colour Ink-Jet proofing (up to 23" w)


Sanden Variable 11"
Didde 6 Colour 14"
Didde 6 Colour 17"
Didde 6 Colour 22"
Didde 8 Colour 22"
Didde 6 Colour 24"
UV Printing available
All Web Presses Roll to Roll, Roll to Fold, Roll to Sheet
40" & 50" Rewind Available on 3", 5", or 6" cores
Apollo 2 Colour 8.5"
Heath 2 Colour (Pack to Pack Variable)
Multi 2 Colour with Mono Micr System


2 Sanden Continuous or Snapset
Update HMA Skip Glue Systems
Up to 8 Part Carbonless or Bond and Carbon

Finishing Equipment

Multi Head Stitchers Scorer
Tipping Machine
Max-1 Electronic Counting Machine
Brackett Automatic Padder
Nale Encoder – MICR Consecutive Mod 9 etc.
Standard Register Burster
Buskro Inkjet System (Inline Bar Code, Jumbo numbering, Variable Imaging)
Automated Shrinkwrap System



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