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CPA ChequeDesigned to meet current CPA standards with creative security features.

Laser Cheques

  • Minimum Quantity 250
  • Printed up to 6 Colours
  • 2 Up Cheques Available
  • Multipart

Continuous Cheques

  • Minimum Quantity 250
  • Printed up to 6 Colours
  • Depth 7", 8-1/2", 11" and 14"
  • Various security stocks available
Cheque fraud is becoming more and and more prevalent these days. For full information about your selection of Security Paper can help protect you, visit our partner company Appleton Security Papers.

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Meeting the new CPA Specs

The Canadian Payments Association has developed new standards to ensure all cheques are image ready. For details see the new cheques specifications on the CPA website.




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